Saturday, March 1, 2008

Super Saturday!

Things I've been checking out this week...

  • The dogs from the Michael Vick case. This man is a sicko. Please check this out and trust that these dogs can be the best pets in the world.
  • The 30 day Total Health Makeover. People call me crazy, but this book has changed my life. I don't necessarily LOVE Marilu Henner, just her guidelines for eating and health.
  • Truly shameful to admit, but The Gauntlet 3. I mean, I REALLY can't stand some of these people! Evan and Kenny are 20 something girl-haters, Frank is, to put it nicely, a whining wussie, and CT is SUCH a prick to his girlfriend Diem. This is a guilty pleasure that isn't always such a pleasure.

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